Quality Policy



ANSERLOG S.A., Company specialized in “Management and organization of temperature controlled road transport” and “Sale of tracking devices and The management of temperature, position and intrusion real time tracking services” whose objective is to provide the best service to their customers and a total quality guarantee of the transported product, wants to start the process of quality management where our services, environment and product security is our main goal.
Because of this decision the Management of Anserlog S.A is committed to:


Anserlog’s Liabilities

  • We have the commitment to control all the aspects that might interfere in the security of the products to guarantee the safety and healthiness during its transportation
  • We have the commitment of accomplish all the customers’ requirements as the interested parts (Government, customers, suppliers…). We also have the liability to obey the law and regulation of the Spanish government.
  • We have the commitment to continuously improve the efficiency of our Global Quality management system.
  • We have the commitment of teaching and develop our team in quality related issues and daily improvement.
  • We have the commitment to guarantee the legal obligations about our workers’ rights and social welfare.
  • Our company is developing sustainable development policies and we also care about the maintenance of the environment.



  • We assume the importance of the security and the quality of the transported goods and the service given. We work to satisfy all our customers’ needs and give the security to the final customer that all the processes have followed a strict quality control.
  • We assure that our collaborators follow a strict quality control to provide an excellent service.

10th January 2020